How Google and Facebook select the new candidates, Comparing Talking Tech

From engineers, programmers, designers, hackers and networking , mostly from the IT field, Google and Facebook has been their dream for career development. Google and Facebook comes in top list for providing best job opportunity. They are not popular because of high salary they provide to their workers, but also attractive perks to their employees. That’s the reason behind people’s choice for working at these companies.

So, how can we make to Google or Facebook? Only good marks or talent won’t succeed. You need to know the back side of these companies when they came to hire new employees. They need very creative people who can take the company to more better. There are different things that they compare before hiring. Including the future possibilities, innovative ideas, their working styles, market evaluation, competitive areas and extension are some of the areas that you should know. Here, we have some interesting infographic below depicting How Google and Facebook compare in the eyes of employees and job candidates.


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